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Founded in 2010 by motorsports specialists Ingo Matter and Fabien Fior, Absolute Racing rapidly grew into a formidable force and a powerhouse in the region.

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Absolute Racing.

A Force To Be Reckoned With

Here at Absolute Racing, we are more than just a group of petrol heads trying to go faster. We are a movement, a tribe, with the singular focus of dominating motorsports and having fun while we do it. Motorsports is a unifier that brings fans from different walks of life together. We aim to facilitate this convergence of interests by delivering top-notch services including, but not limited to technical service, team management, logistics, storage, and maintenance. In alignment with our mandate, we have set up several outlets in different parts of the world including China, and other parts of Asia (Malaysia and Thailand), so we can spread the fever that is motorsports. We also help individuals who want to pursue a career in motorsports by offering training programs for the different fields of motorsports.


It is all about the team; we are one big family. We are all passionate about race cars and  MOTORSPORTS and that’s why we keep WINNING

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