Absolute Racing's relentless pursuit of victory in the Sepang 12 Hours culminated in impressive second and third place finishes for their No.911 GeekVP Absolute Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R and No.26 B-Quik Racing Team Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II, respectively. Notably, both cars dominated the GT3 class, securing a remarkable 1-2 finish at Malaysia's 5.543km, FIA Grade 1 Sepang International Circuit.

The Porsche 911 GT3 R (Type 992) of last year winner's Andrew Haryanto, Eshan Pieris and Dorian Boccolacci faced challenges during qualifying and race, especially in the hot conditions. However, as the temperatures cooled down, the orange and white Porsche emerged as a strong contender for the win.

In a race punctuated by three Safety Car periods, the No.911 GeekVP Absolute Racing Porsche 911 GT3 R led for 88 laps, keeping the eventual winners under pressure. The team postponed the final pit stop until the race's conclusion, taking a gamble on the possibility of rain in the closing moments, which ultimately didn't materialize. Despite being relegated to second place, this outcome proved sufficient for them to clinch victory in the GT3 class, particularly noteworthy given Haryanto and Pieris's lack of prior experience with the 911 GT3 R.

Following their second-place finish last year, B-Quik Absolute Racing drivers Henk Kiks, Akash Nandy, and Christopher Haase were eager to surpass the Thailand-based team's previous achievement. Unfortunately, their aspirations were quickly dampened at the start of the race when Henk Kiks, starting from sixth on the grid, was rear-ended by a competitor, resulting in a puncture to their Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II. Despite falling two laps behind the leaders within the first hour, the team quickly began to climb through the ranks.

Throughout the race, the black and yellow Audi team encountered its fair share of challenges, yet Christopher Haase, an Audi Sport driver, showcased remarkable skill, clocking the fastest lap time of the race at 2:03.659. As the race entered its final hours, B-Quik Absolute Racing secured the third place and maintained its position until the end. The third-place finish, along with the second place in the GT3 class, served as recognition for the team's and drivers' hard work, prompting us to ponder what the final result might have been had it not been for the incident at the start of the race.

The home heroes Aaron Lim, Haziq Oh, and Hairie Oh experienced a weekend filled with valuable lessons. Aaron Lim, who had never before competed in the latest generation of GT3, joined the Oh brothers in their debut in this category. Unfortunately, the Malaysian team encountered setbacks early on, losing several laps due to a gearbox issue, which significantly compromised their chances of securing a good outcome in the race.

However, as the race progressed, the No.5 HZO Fortis Racing Team Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II trio adopted a composed approach, maintaining a consistent pace without pushing beyond their limits. This measured strategy allowed them to run through their first major endurance race with determination and resilience, finishing fourth in the GT3 Am class and 11th overall.


Ingo Matter (Absolute Racing, Team Principal): “Through the relentless determination of our drivers and unwavering teamwork, we achieved a podium double. Our No.911 Porsche and No.26 Audi showcased excellence, securing a remarkable 1-2 finish in the GT3 class. Unfortunately, due to technical issues, the result does not fully reflect the performance of the drivers in the #5 Audi, who performed exceptionally well in their first ever GT3 race. Nonetheless, this outcome provides us with the motivation we need to tackle the season ahead.”

Dorian Boccolacci (No.911 Absolute Racing, Driver): “Honestly, it was a bit challenging during qualifying, but we managed to find some pace in today's race. The hot conditions made it quite difficult initially, but as the weather cooled down, the car performed better, allowing us to push to our fullest potential. I want to express my gratitude to the team and my teammates for their support.”

Eshan Pieris (No.911 Absolute Racing, Driver): “We did struggle a little bit in qualifying, but we managed to bounce back in the race. Dorian did three great stints in the end, and Andrew did an absolute mega qualifying. I would like to think I was filling the gaps. It was a good race. Thank you to the team and to Porsche Motorsport Asia-Pacific and our sponsors for having us here.”

Andrew Haryanto (No.911 Absolute Racing, Driver): “I want to take this opportunity to thanks my team, Absolute Racing, my teammates, and Porsche Motorsport Asia-Pacific. It was a good one!”

Henk Kiks (No.26 B-Quik Absolute Racing, Driver): “We are extremely happy to have achieved P3 and P2 in our class, especially considering that we encountered difficulties right from the start. In the very first lap, we had a puncture and faced numerous challenges. However, our team performed admirably, managing to recover the car and overcome the obstacles. A 12-hour race is indeed a long one, and today's race felt particularly demanding, but we persevered and made it all work. It is truly amazing to stand on the podium after such a challenging race. I am immensely grateful for the outstanding work of my team and teammates.”

Christopher Haase (No.26 B-Quik Absolute Racing, Driver): “It was definitely a tough race, I have to say. The heat and humidity hit hard, but I must express my gratitude to B-Quik Absolute Racing for providing me with a fantastic car. The team atmosphere was great as always, and it was a pleasure to share the car with Henk and Akash.”

Akash Nandy (No.26 B-Quik Absolute Racing, Driver): “The first thing I want to say is a big thank you to the entire team and the mechanics, who worked tirelessly to provide us with a car to fight back to P3, especially after what happened in lap one. I also want to express my gratitude to all the marshals and officials who ensured that this event ran smoothly for the full 12 hours. Thanks to B-Quik Absolute Racing, it was not an easy race, but it feels like a victory to me. If you had told us after what happened on lap one, with us two laps down, that we would be on the podium, we would have been thrilled with this outcome.”

Aaron Lim (No.5 HZO Fortis Racing Team by Absolute Racing, Driver): “It has been a great pleasure racing with HZO Fortis Racing and Absolute Racing again after such a long time. I have been really pleased with the whole weekend, and I almost forgot how fun it is to drive a GT3 car. Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on our side today, and we experienced some slight mechanical failures. However, the team did an amazing job to get the car back up and running, allowing us to reach the finish line. Overall, it's a race to remember, and we will definitely be aiming for more races in the future. My teammates Hairie and Haziq drove really well considering their experience, and they have gained much-needed knowledge that will be put to good use for the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Asia season. Thanks to everyone in the team.”

Hairie Oh (No.5 HZO Fortis Racing Team by Absolute Racing, Driver): “The endurance race was a steep learning curve for me. It was a great exposure and a test to find more limits in my pursuit to be faster. Thanks to my teammates, Haziq, for the crazy idea to join this race, and Aaron, for giving us the edge we needed.”

Haziq Ho (No.5 HZO Fortis Racing Team by Absolute Racing, Driver): “To finish first in the race, you must first finish the race. That was the aim for HZO Fortis Racing Team this weekend, and it has been achieved! For the first time in the GT3 category, we have definitely learned a lot throughout the weekend. All the mileage we have clocked serves as a good learning curve for the team and sets a solid benchmark for us to plan our future racing pathway. We are delighted with the achievement, with drivers Hairie Oh and Aaron Lim, and the team at Absolute Racing. Looking forward to the next one!”